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Finding The Words To Make The Right Choices

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When Preparation Meets Opportunity Destiny Is Created

On average adults make about 35,000 choices a day. We make choices that impact our career, health, children students, and our overall quality of life. Studies show that teens make fewer choices, about 3,000 a day, yet these are important choices. The wrong choice for your student may lead to depression, wasted years, incarceration, not reaching full potential, and, sadly, even death. These materials are designed for students to engage in a variety of exercises that focus on long-term and short-term consequences.

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In School Reflections: 6th-8th Grade
Mentorship Curriculum For In School Suspension
  • Original Short Stories  
  • Independent Student Exercises
  • Guided Mentorship Exercises  
  • Mini-Posters
  • Supplemental Resources 
  • Reinforce Reading Comprehension & Writing Skills
  • Teacher’s Edition Included